Have Confidence in Your Roofer

Large groups are hard to manage - so we make it personal

Our support team of Service Technicians is trained to handle personal and specific issues of each customer. We understand the delicacies of customer needs - from timing and professionalism to honesty and friendliness.

We take extra caution to calmly reassure homeowners and smoothly resolve issues. It is important to us that each customer feels relief when we arrive onsite.

The renter called to let me know what a great job they did - how professional they were and how fast they came to the rescue. He was extremely impressed.
— Bruce P.

Roofs come and go - relationships shouldn’t.

In addition to Hamstra’s attitude towards our work, we are here for your every roofing need.

Many roofers only ‘rip and strip’ full roofs, we provide maintenance and repairs to give you the most value. This is where honesty is so crucial.

Hamstra is a fully LICENSEd and bonded corporation.

We are fully covered. From health, safety and accidental damages to warranties from manufacturers, we are fully covered. These certification are renewed yearly and require us to complete stringent assessments. Most importantly, this means that you don’t take any risks or liability.

We take the extra time and effort to ensure dependability and limit any issues for you.

  • IL Roofing License UNLIMITED - the highest licensing possible.

  • Insured against accidents for +$1,000,000 - keeping you safe from liabilities.

  • Manufacturer warranties on material and installation - the best warranties available.

No matter how large your project, we give you the peace of mind. We have already taken the necessary steps to make sure you are covered and worry free.

Contact us today and ask for Mark, Joe or Gerry for a free consultation. We work with many Homeowners Associations and Management Companies and understand how tough a job it is. Don’t make it any more of a hassle and get a roofer you can trust. Your neighbors will thank you.