Its more than just a job - It’s a legacy

Crafting and tinkering runs in our blood. We were raised to ‘figure it out’ and ‘just get it done’. This has lead us to continued improvements and learning.

Hamstra and Son Truck.jpg


Harold ‘Ham’ Hamstra, founder, started out with a hammer, truck and some shingles he bought from a local supplier.

He would drive around neighborhoods looking for problems on people’s homes.

The 19 year old Ham started bringing his honesty and work ethic to one of the toughest businesses.

Our company logo is actually Ham’s Signature - Only put your name on what you stand behind.

Early days

A couple of years later, Mark, Ham’s brother, graduated from high school; starting the family business. It wasn’t long before Jim Jonker, Mark’s friend, and other family friends joined the business.

Working from sun-up to sun-down, the dedication was evident in this small band of brothers. Committing themselves to each customer, each day, they grew steadily and expanded.


After a few decades it was time for the sons of the first generation to join. Beginning as a summer job in highschool, Hal Jr. and Joe, current President, worked as laborers to learn the ropes.

Moving from stocking to shingling, Joe was determined to learn each part of the business to continue the family tradition after his father Harold.


We have continued to deepen our relationships and take the long term vision of commitment to quality and honest business.

There was never a business plan, just a commitment to doing it right. Whether putting on the roof or dealing with customers; it all should be done fairly and honestly.


With several crews working each day, a team of service technicians, estimators and a full suite of administrators - Hamstra stands at over 50 strong.

We are committed to providing our customers with the smoothest process and crafting the highest quality roofs. We will continue on this path and see where it takes us in the future.

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