Metal Isn’t Just Installed, It’s Crafted

The most complex areas of your roof get the most wear. Often you need metal to protect your deck and direct the flow of water. This is the most important area get it right. We frequently see customers use a cheaper solution that last a couple of years, spending more money in the long run.

For us, it’s not a matter of slapping it together with what we have in the truck. This is the most exciting and challenging part of the job. This is the skill that we have been learning and passing on through the generations. That is the Hamstra difference.



We meticulously plan our flashing to ensure that their isn’t an angle that water can enter.

Installing the underlayments and lapping layers properly is a 2.5 hour job that lasts +25 years. We have been training and developing our knowledge, down to tacking nails.

We flash like none other, making it a signature of our roofs.

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Bays and Standing Seam Roofs

Bays and standing seam roofs are long lasting product and worthwhile investment.

When it comes to such a beautiful, but expensive, center piece, trusting the craftsman is huge.

Don’t risk it!

We are the roofer of choice; growing by repeat business and customer recommendations.

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Specialty roofing

Few things are more complicated in roofing than bending, trimming and overlapping metals.

Planning and execution go hand in hand.

With half a dozen technicians with thousands of hours of experience each, we combine knowledge for the best outcomes.

Call the office and ask our secretary Judy for an appointment. She will pass you along to a specialist who can answer your questions and arrange a time that suits you to meet and discuss the job.