Valley Tear out in Orland Park

We’re in the neighborhood.

Our service is always on call to fix a leak. A customer just called us to check out a leak in their dinning room. Some stains had shown up on the ceiling, so they wanted to know what was happening.

Make it stop!

This is how it goes…

Once we schedule a time to meet, our service technician starts with a simple investigation. He first checks the inside to see the leak and figure out the most likely source of the leak.

After he checks the ceiling, he’ll crawl in the attic to pin point the leak. This is the best way to make sure you know the exact problem. We see water travel all the time - sometimes even moving sideways.

He then set up a ladder and double checked the roof to confirm. Frequently it wear and tear from the tough weather. Summer or Winter, Chicago is relentless.

After taking some photos to show you, he’ll explain the issue and how to repair the leak. By asking you a few question about budget and priorities, we’ll be able to offer you an option that fulfills your desires.

Once we agree on a plan of action, we can return with material to complete the work. We do our best to make our material match the original. This keeps your home looking nice, while also keeping you watertight.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and the leak.

We are a local company serving the neighborhood.

Orland, Tinley, Mokena, Frankfort, Homer Glen and New Lenox - friends and family around us.

As a fully licensed incorporation by Illinois and Indiana State, Cook and Will County, all the way to the village hall, we save you the hassle of permits with the peace of mind of a certified enterprise.