Intalling a New Power Fan in Lansing

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We’ve been serving your neighborhood.

Our service is always on call to fix your issues. A customer recently called us for a common summer problem - not enough ventilation.

The house was far too hot and they needed some relief, so they naturally called a trusted roofer.

Here’s the story…

  • After telling our lovely secretary Judy that their home was too hot and that they wanted some type of ventilation, we prepared a few options - automatic or electronic ventilation.

  • With a couple of quick questions we were able to figure out the specifics and found power fan that best matched the shingles and flashing on their roof.

  • Our Service Technician was able to schedule an appointment with the customer for later that week - to be able to get into the attic.

  • After clearing the shingles and cutting a whole between the rafters, our technician dropped the cables and box through the attic before nailing down the power fan.

    • We usually keep the temperature at the standard 118, but adjust it to your preference.

  • A few cropped pieces of ice and water shield and some new shingles does the trick to protect the flanges from the rain.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and your problem.

Many close friends in South Holland and Lansing, Lynwood and Lombard have been sharing our contact information with neighbors. After we started getting consistently more calls from this area, we decided to officially register with the village halls for long term permits.

Our regular customers in Burnham, Calumet City and Crete have been a long term base for us as we extend into Merrillville and Michigan City. We are excited to be growing and servicing customers with all sorts of repairs.

Even crossing into Schererville, Dyer, St. John, Winfield, Cedar Lake - we have taken the extra steps to make your roofing challenges simpler.