Leaking Plumbing Boot in Hazel Crest

Don’t get a cheap fix that last a couple months then comes back. Hire a roofer you can trust to tell you what the issue is, how to solve it and deals with you honestly.

A customer recently called us for a common problem in Hazel Crest- worn out plumbing boot. This is a typical and small problem, but when not dealt with quickly can cause bigger issues inside your home. Especially in the dense trees of Hazel Crest, critter damage and clogging from leaves is something to be cautious of.

This is what happened…

  • Our lovely secretary Judy took a call from an older customer about a stain showing up around their bathroom lights. The stain was a small dark color on the ceiling, but our customer was rightfully worried it would grow over winter.

  • With a couple of quick questions we were able to figure out that it was most likely the flashing around the exhaust pipes in the bathroom. We typically bring out all sorts to make sure we have our bases covered.

  • Our Service Technician was able to schedule an appointment with the customer first thing wednesday morning - to be able to get into the attic.

  • After clearing the shingles and looking around the neck of the boot it was clear that the rubber gasket had worn out over the last decade.

  • He did a simple remove and replace, sliding some ice and water shield for extra protection.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and your problem.

We have a growing customer base in this southern part of Chicago. Working with our friends in Homewood Flossmore, Harvey, Markham and Matteson down to Chicago Heights. We give you straightforward business - no hidden fees or extra charges.

In recent years we have been called for roof certifications in Olympia Fields, Richton Park and Robbins.

Regardless of your issue, we want your trust - that starts with how we deal with you - honestly and fairly. That’s our promise.