Leaking Plumbing Boot in Hazel Crest

Don’t get a cheap fix that last a couple months then comes back. Hire a roofer you can trust to tell you what the issue is, how to solve it and deals with you honestly.

A customer recently called us for a common problem in Hazel Crest- worn out plumbing boot. This is a typical and small problem, but when not dealt with quickly can cause bigger issues inside your home. Especially in the dense trees of Hazel Crest, critter damage and clogging from leaves is something to be cautious of.

This is what happened…

  • Our lovely secretary Judy took a call from an older customer about a stain showing up around their bathroom lights. The stain was a small dark color on the ceiling, but our customer was rightfully worried it would grow over winter.

  • With a couple of quick questions we were able to figure out that it was most likely the flashing around the exhaust pipes in the bathroom. We typically bring out all sorts to make sure we have our bases covered.

  • Our Service Technician was able to schedule an appointment with the customer first thing wednesday morning - to be able to get into the attic.

  • After clearing the shingles and looking around the neck of the boot it was clear that the rubber gasket had worn out over the last decade.

  • He did a simple remove and replace, sliding some ice and water shield for extra protection.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and your problem.

We have a growing customer base in this southern part of Chicago. Working with our friends in Homewood Flossmore, Harvey, Markham and Matteson down to Chicago Heights. We give you straightforward business - no hidden fees or extra charges.

In recent years we have been called for roof certifications in Olympia Fields, Richton Park and Robbins.

Regardless of your issue, we want your trust - that starts with how we deal with you - honestly and fairly. That’s our promise.

Get value out of your roof.

Best thing about cold weather? A warm, dry and protected home!

In the dead of winter, you don’t want to worry about your roof leaking and ice building up. Protect yourself from the start with quality through and through. Making sure your roof is properly installed with all the necessary precautions gives you peace during its entire life.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.20.43 PM.png

Often those 20, 25 and 30 year shingles wear out early because the planning was wrong. Not calculating proper ventilation or wrapping shingles in valleys and sloppy cuts in flashing all can cause problems around 1/5th of the cost of a new roof.

Imagine that! Your roof is only 15 years old and you need a new valley. All of a sudden you have a big project on your hands.

Get a roofer you can trust. We stand behind our work.

We’re from your neighborhood. Palos, Oak Lawn, Tinley, Orland, Mokena, Frankfort! This is where we live and grew up.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.20.48 PM.png

We aren't salesmen, just roofers.

No one wants to worry about paying to fix their home. Its such a hassle.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 3.17.12 PM.png

First, you have to worry about the problem itself. If it doesn’t get fixed then it starts to get worse. When it spreads to other areas, then you worry about getting that fixed too. That’s why it is important to do it once, and do it right.

Don’t waste your time or money with a quick fix. Sometimes those fixes don’t even work. If they do, it is short lived and could make the next fix harder and more expensive.

We’ve seen it all and hate it the most. Why someone would rip you off and do such a poor job is frustrating to say the least. Get a roofer you can trust.

Intalling a New Power Fan in Lansing

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.30.16 PM.png

We’ve been serving your neighborhood.

Our service is always on call to fix your issues. A customer recently called us for a common summer problem - not enough ventilation.

The house was far too hot and they needed some relief, so they naturally called a trusted roofer.

Here’s the story…

  • After telling our lovely secretary Judy that their home was too hot and that they wanted some type of ventilation, we prepared a few options - automatic or electronic ventilation.

  • With a couple of quick questions we were able to figure out the specifics and found power fan that best matched the shingles and flashing on their roof.

  • Our Service Technician was able to schedule an appointment with the customer for later that week - to be able to get into the attic.

  • After clearing the shingles and cutting a whole between the rafters, our technician dropped the cables and box through the attic before nailing down the power fan.

    • We usually keep the temperature at the standard 118, but adjust it to your preference.

  • A few cropped pieces of ice and water shield and some new shingles does the trick to protect the flanges from the rain.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and your problem.

Many close friends in South Holland and Lansing, Lynwood and Lombard have been sharing our contact information with neighbors. After we started getting consistently more calls from this area, we decided to officially register with the village halls for long term permits.

Our regular customers in Burnham, Calumet City and Crete have been a long term base for us as we extend into Merrillville and Michigan City. We are excited to be growing and servicing customers with all sorts of repairs.

Even crossing into Schererville, Dyer, St. John, Winfield, Cedar Lake - we have taken the extra steps to make your roofing challenges simpler.

Remodeling in Downers Grove!

Roofs tend to be a dull topic of conversation… unless you’re us!

But maybe you are opening up a room for some natural light. Skylights are a great addition to bring to the inside of a kitchen, bathroom or living room. As one of the more complicated aspects of a roof, we only use top quality products and work closely with Velux for up-to-date products and tech.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.56.10 PM.png

Not too long ago we were just down the street in Downers Grove helping a family bring a little more life to their living room. It was nice to see the transformation and make to house more home-y.

Thanks to so many satisfied customers in the area, we are growing our services in Dupage County. We count it as a privilege to work on some of the historic and beautiful houses in Hinsdale, La Grange, Westernsprings, Elk Grove Village, Lombard and Villa Park.

We are also expanding as the preferred maintenance for large associations in Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Countryside and Schiller Park.

Yet, we can’t forget our origins in Oak Park, Hillside and Summit. These are some of the first roofs we ever installed and the base for our reputation for the decades that followed.

Make your house a little more Flashy

Many people often think about the roof as just the shingles and covering ‘the field’. Yet one of the weakest points of a roof is where water runs along the walls. This is where flashing comes in handy.

Some flashing is put up just to cover this area, but we like to take the time and make your flashing a little more flashy.

We’ve been ‘hanging’ flashing for decades. Once we figured out the technical aspects, we started to design the pieces. Nice clean lines, matching the mortar and customizing to the pitch of your roof, especially highlights your homes features.

Over the many years we have been tackling a few larger projects. We installed a large copper front porch, matching the swoops and valleys and custom cutting each panel. It was a long process to get everything right, but a proud moment to see it all complete.

We’ve taken the time to register with your local village hall and county. Whether Dupage, Will, Cook, Kankakee or Grundy, we are covered to bring you protection.

We service from Arlington Heights, Naperville, Downers Grove, Burr Ridge and Hinsdale to Frankfort and Orland Park. Use a roofer you can trust for the length of your roof, not just the project.

Another Storm Hits Manhattan

Its no secret, Chicago is the windy city. We see constant damage from wind, ice, hail and more.

When the storms strike, its good to take a good look at your roof. We are able to save thousands for our customers with just a simple repair. It can be as simple as replacing a couple of shingles or renailing and caulking down wind damaged ones.

If not taken care of quickly, these areas will leak and cause more internal damage to drywall and electrical. Check out our roofing basics to help you with preventative care.

Our preventative care and maintenance regularly helps customers stretched from Wilmington and Coal City to Monee and Peotone. We have even been the trusted roofers of builders, farmers and families in Minooka, Momence and Manteno. Some of our technicians prefer the nice drive through town in Bourbonnais and working in the open farm lands.

It doesn’t matter where you are, we want you to know you are protected against the storm. Hamstra not only offers the service to repair damage, but we are full providers of warrantied products and even labour.

With our insurance and assurance, you are in good hands. Don’t let the storms in Will or Kankakee County blow you away, get the quality of a craftsman you can trust.

Valley Tear out in Orland Park

We’re in the neighborhood.

Our service is always on call to fix a leak. A customer just called us to check out a leak in their dinning room. Some stains had shown up on the ceiling, so they wanted to know what was happening.

Make it stop!

This is how it goes…

Once we schedule a time to meet, our service technician starts with a simple investigation. He first checks the inside to see the leak and figure out the most likely source of the leak.

After he checks the ceiling, he’ll crawl in the attic to pin point the leak. This is the best way to make sure you know the exact problem. We see water travel all the time - sometimes even moving sideways.

He then set up a ladder and double checked the roof to confirm. Frequently it wear and tear from the tough weather. Summer or Winter, Chicago is relentless.

After taking some photos to show you, he’ll explain the issue and how to repair the leak. By asking you a few question about budget and priorities, we’ll be able to offer you an option that fulfills your desires.

Once we agree on a plan of action, we can return with material to complete the work. We do our best to make our material match the original. This keeps your home looking nice, while also keeping you watertight.

Its as simple as that. Our team not only works to ensure we know the full issue, but work with you to bring value to your investment. No sales or marketing - just you, us and the leak.

We are a local company serving the neighborhood.

Orland, Tinley, Mokena, Frankfort, Homer Glen and New Lenox - friends and family around us.

As a fully licensed incorporation by Illinois and Indiana State, Cook and Will County, all the way to the village hall, we save you the hassle of permits with the peace of mind of a certified enterprise.

New Construction in New Lenox

There are few things that we enjoy as much as giving a home owner a new roof.

When building a new house, customizing colors, styles and designs is a great way to make a house a home. We’ve been working with builders for 40 years to be their preferred contractor.

No matter how complicated the roof, we make sure that you get quality that lasts. Many other roofers 'throw up material and nail the wall’. We take it in the long term perspective. How your roof is installed gives you peace of mind for decades to come.

Our specialists have been working throughout the southwest, from Joliet and Lemont to Elwood and Cresthill. Our service technicians are quick on the heels of any storm - making sure you are warm and dry.

So when you get a new roof, trust that the craftsmen putting it together have your interests at heart.