We are Chicago’s most trusted roofing company for a reason.

At Hamstra, we know every house is different and each customer wants their home to be personal. That’s not a problem. Not only have we installed over 24,000 roofs, but we keep up-to-date with our manufacturers, use state of the art technology and continually develop our process.

We have been perfecting our process for 40 years, beginning to end. Our company is the preferred roofer of dozens of builders, because we …

  • warehouse material in advance to respond rapidly to our builders.

  • stock, shingle and flash roofs completely within days of being sheeted and ready.

  • work with other tradesmen to ensure quality and a comprehensive roofing system.

  • work with customers to customize the colors, material and styles to their desires.

Since the early 00’s, houses have become more custom and complicated. Sure, many roofers can put up shingles, but 40 years of crafting material is what makes us masters.

Additionally, we don’t just install, but also service our roofs. Our commitment is much greater than the warranties we provide - its integrity to homeowners.

No matter what type of roofing project you need done, Hamstra gets it done right.